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The Foundation Voir et Entendre Teams

Research Teams of the Vision Institute

Department of Development
Team leaderResearch theme
Alain Chedotal Role of axon guidance molecules
Jean Livet Development of neural circuits
Olivier Goureau Retinal development and repair: use of pluripotent stem cells
Renata Kozyraki Multi-ligand endocytosis in normal and pathological axial elongantion of the eye
Xavier Nicol Cellular messenger codes for axon guidance
Department of Genetics
Team leaderResearch theme
Isabelle Audo / Christina Zeitz Identification of gene defects leading to non-progressive and progressive ocular diseases
Thierry Léveillard Rod-derived cone viability signaling for the therapy of inheredited retinal degenerations
Department of Visual Information
Team leaderResearch theme
Serge Picaud

Retinal information processing - Pharmacology and Pathology

Ryad Benosman
Christophe Posch
Vision and natural computation
Jens Duebel Neurophysiology and optogenetic applications in the retina
Romain Brette Computational neuroscience of sensory systems
Angelo Arleo Aging in Vision and Action
Department of Therapeutics
Team leaderResearch theme
Christophe Baudouin
Stephane Melik Parsadaniantz
Chemokines and physiopathology of the eye anterior segment
Emeline Nandrot
Physiology of the retinal pigment epithelium and associated pathologies
Florian Sennlaub
Michel Paques
Inflammation in neuronal degeneration and vascular remodelling
Deniz Dalkara Gene therapies and animal models for neurodegenerative diseases


Mixed Teams
Team leader
Research theme
Marie Glanc Projet "Oeil" - en partenariat avec l’Observatoire de Paris
Christine Petit Physiopathologie rétinienne des atteintes conjointes de l’audition et de la vision : syndrome de Usher et autres syndromes - en partenariat avec l’Institut Pasteur
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