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Board of Directors of the Foundation Voir et Entendre

Board of Directors

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The Board of Directors is the collegial instrument in charge of all questions concerning the running of the Foundation as well as finding solutions through deliberations. In order to achieve this, the Board can proceed with any controls and checks it considers necessary.

The Board elects a president, a treasurer and can require the assistance of other committees to help it manage projects under taken by the Foundation.

The Board meets at least twice a year, but also as often as the Foundation requires.

The Board must:

  • approve the Foundation's development strategy and ensure its accomplishment;
  • reach decisions concerning different conventions agreed with the founders, the partners and doctorate entities;
  • make decisions concerning the annual general orientations and the Foundation's annual action program;
  • vote the budget and its modifications;
  • adopt the activity report concerning the Foundation's scientific, moral and financial situation;
  • discuss and approve the yearly accounts;
  • nominate one or more auditors;
  • put into place the rules and regulations;
  • decide the general conditions for recruitment and payment of all the Foundation staff.


President: Jean-Charles Pomerol

Treasurer: Christophe Mauriet

Director: Emmanuel Gutman

Scientific Director: José-Alain Sahel

Secretary-General: Dominique Santiard-Baron

Government commissioner: Nelly Antoine


Centre Hospitalier National d’Ophtalmologie des Quinze-Vingts:


  • Jean-François Ségovia, Director
  • Eliane Chemla, President of the Board of Directors
  • Saddek Mohand-Said, Deputy Head of the Clinical Investigation Centre

Institut Pasteur:

  • François Romaneix, Administrative Deputy Director
  • Christian Brechot, General Director
  • Patrick Trieu-Cuot, Responsible partnerships

Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médicale (INSERM):

  • Alexis Brice, Director of ICM
  • Sylviane Inocencio, Deputy Director for finance and administration - Paris 6

Sorbonne Université:

  • Jean Chambaz, President
  • Jean-Charles Pomerol, Advisor




  • Bernard POULAIN, Directeur adjoint scientifique INSB

Fédération des Aveugles et Handicapés Visuels de France (FAF) :

  • Vincent Michel

Fondation Agir Pour l'Audition :

  • Armand de Boissière, Secrétaire général Fondation Bettencourt-Schueller

Fédération des Aveugles et Handicapés Visuels de France (FAF):

  • Vincent Michel

Personnalités Qualifiées:

  • Jean-François Bach, Perpetual secretary of the Académie des Sciences
  • Personnality for audition

Representatives of the territorial collectivites:

  • Marie-Christine Dirringer, Conseil Régional Ile de France

Elected representatives of the professors, reaserchers & associate professors:

  • Serge Picaud, Inserm Research Director
  • Paul Avan, Auvergne University, Clermont-Ferrand - Inserm UMR 1107

Representatives of the economic world:

  • Eric Bizaguet, Director of the Hearing Correction Laboratory
  • Philippe Tillous-Borde, Managing Director of Sofiproteol
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