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Executive Committee of the Foundation Voir et Entendre

Executive Committee


The Executive committee is the operational instrument of the Foundation. It is in charge of the scientific strategy and its implementation. It can also be called upon to act as conciliation commission.

The committee sits every two months or whenever necessary.

Its main tasks are:

  • to put into place scientific projects and to follow them up;
  • to evaluate the human and financial resources and the fund raising;
  • to schedule the use of these resources;
  • to develop and check Quality control (the respect of GLPs, BPCs and International directives);
  • to elaborate activity reports.


  • Pr Christine Petit, Director of UMRS 587
  • Pr José-Alain Sahel, Director of U968, Coordinator of CIC 503

Named representatives:

  • Dr Florian Sennlaub, DR Inserm, team leader at U968
  • Dr Aziz El-Amraoui, DR Institut Pasteur, team leader at UMRS 587
  • Dr Isabelle Audo, MCU-PH, investigator at CIC 503

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